Who killed the Twinkies??

by Skip

Yep, Twinkies are about join the dodo birds and the woolly mammoths in the great waste can of history – and we have greedy union bosses to blame for all of the panic looks that the stoners are about to start getting when they realize that Twinkies are gone (not to mention a staple and major food group of State farm attendees everywhere – deep fried Twinkies!).

Yup, that favorite of kids everywhere and an adult guilty pleasure, has met its match.  The Left’s boots on the ground have decided that they will stick with the principle that they are owed the whole loaf and won’t settle for the half loaf (yeah, intentional, as Wonder bread will never get sliced again either).

With Obama and his minions at the NLRB still in firm control, I bet the union bakers thought they’d get a bailout from the egg-regious act of disobedience to the Laws of Economics by applying the Law of Progressive Politics.  Oops – trumped again (just like we’re seeing in Greece).

Unions exist for one and only one reason nowadays – to extract control from the employer and to extract economic gain from others – the few benefit at the expense of the many (no matter how you slice it).  In the old theory that labor trumps all else, they decided that their worth should override the actual worth of what the public perceived their iconic product to be.  Sure, people like them, but not quite as much as before and not at the prices that would have to be charged to cover the demands of the unions even as the company warned them of this fact.

Here, the marketplace made the decision – the value is no longer there for us and the unions decided, in their hubris, to ignore that message.  This is when things worked correctly – can’t manage your expenses and the marketplace moves to other folks more willing to better serve them (that is what free capitalism is – serving your fellow man better than anybody else).  The profit mechanism works, and worked correctly in this case.  This is why having public unions is such a bad idea – there is no final tripwire that says “you’ve gone too far” as the taxpayers are just treated like bottomless wells of money.

However, somewhere,  Nanny Stater Moochella is thinking “Thank you Teamsters and Union Bakers -all 18,500 of you can pick up your unemployment checks right over there.  Go forth and stimulate the economy you and my husband have created!”

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