Stellar Results here in NH, NH GOP. Who takes the responsibility? Who should?

by Skip

I really got more involved in politics in the 2005/2006 time frame – not a long time compared to a lot of folks but certainly more than most.  The Republican rout in 2006 kicked it into a higher gear – it had been obvious that the local (and State) Republicans trying to head to the State House basically thought it was sufficient to merely throw up a couple handfuls of yard signs, throw in a few newspaper ads, and collectively rent a storefront  about a month in advance as a “campaign office” for some phone banking.  But a lot of that comes from the top – the NH GOP office, and with leadership from the Chair.

Steve had the perfect post here for the absolute stellar results.  Unlike Obama, he doesn’t have a predecessor to blame, really – he owns this (like it or not).  Yes, I’m still a bit sore from how the NH GOP did handler the ouster of Jack Kimball.  But good intentions count for naught, and I think that this phrase that was bantered about between the groksters may have a bit of truth to it (with a bit of an edit):

This would make a nice post title.   “Who is Missing Chairman Jack Kimball Right About Now?

After all, his results aren’t much better than Fergus Cullen’s eh?

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  • On the one hand, the party apparatus has been mostly MIA during the election, except for the RNC-sponsored victory offices, while on the other hand, the most capable and hardworking member of the NHGOP staff, Vice-Chair Cliff Hurst, has been forced to take a job to cover the expenses that the party won’t pay: We’re not talking salary here – the NHGOP does not even pay expenses for staff who travel statewide promoting the brand and candidates.
    Can you say “radical restructuring”? Torches and pitchforks for the next annual meeting!


    The Free-State movement and the Tea-Party should take full responsibility for the woeful performance of the GOP.

    • C. dog e. doG

      So says the State Flautist who luvs nothin’ more than the verdant, flaccid hills to round off the flinty edges of the White Mtns. Nothin’ says Republican like milquetoast, eh Flute Boy?
      – C. dog

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