Stellar Results here in NH, NH GOP. Who takes the responsibility? Who should?

I really got more involved in politics in the 2005/2006 time frame – not a long time compared to a lot of folks but certainly more than most.  The Republican rout in 2006 kicked it into a higher gear – it had been obvious that the local (and State) Republicans trying to head to the State House basically thought it was sufficient to merely throw up a couple handfuls of yard signs, throw in a few newspaper ads, and collectively rent a storefront  about a month in advance as a “campaign office” for some phone banking.  But a lot of that comes from the top – the NH GOP office, and with leadership from the Chair.

Steve had the perfect post here for the absolute stellar results.  Unlike Obama, he doesn’t have a predecessor to blame, really – he owns this (like it or not).  Yes, I’m still a bit sore from how the NH GOP did handler the ouster of Jack Kimball.  But good intentions count for naught, and I think that this phrase that was bantered about between the groksters may have a bit of truth to it (with a bit of an edit):

This would make a nice post title.   “Who is Missing Chairman Jack Kimball Right About Now?

After all, his results aren’t much better than Fergus Cullen’s eh?