Who is Missing Chairman Jack Kimball Right About Now?

by Mike

D’ya think we needed a fighter at the NHGOP this year?

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  • allen

    so would calling for John Sununu’s head on a pike be too much to ask?

    (anyone else a babylon 5 fan?) “I’d like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike, as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this.”

    paving the road for romney was an unpardonable mistake. the GOP fielded a candidate that was “the only one who could win” (who the hell came up with that????) but in order to get him to the head of the pack the establishment party bosses threw their most useful, hardest working people in the ditch.

    screw the GOP. let it burn. let it go the way of the Whigs. if they couldn’t win this one, they don’t deserve to continue.

  • Carrie

    People are afraid of change, especially change that might have an idea that the people like Sununu and the GOP think is “radical” in any form. (Why do you think Ovide lost the governors race?) Just like when Romney steamed rolled the Santorum campaign Sununu did the same thing to Jack so that his (Jack’s) “radical” ideas were buried long before they ever saw the light of day. We both know that Jack had ideas that would have taken the state in a radical (and IMHO) better direction. Sununu panicked because he knew that with Jack at the helm his cushy, money making seat in NH politics was going to disappear forever.

    And yes, I’d like to see Sununu’s head on a pike as well. I’d sit here and say he doesn’t know what he did when he ousted Jack from his spot but my guess is that Sununu is sitting in his overstuffed recliner in his multi-million dollar mansion (that us taxpayers paid for) sipping on a steaming cup of coffee and smirking because he knows he royally screwed the constituents that he was elected to represent.

  • Lady S

    Is Wayne Madcoanls still the chair? It seem to me that he can be a civil employee or the GOP chair but not both. Those good ole country club Republicans in the executive board need to find something else to do. Lead, follow or get tthe hell out of the way…

  • o3kilo

    John Sununu (Sr.) has brought the NH Republican Party to its present state, with his inflexibility, adherance to the old school way of doing things, and an unwillingness to look to the future or for new ways of solving problems. I hope he is happy with himself now! Although, I sincerely believe that he is far too egotistical to be able to see that he has not only become a large part of the problem, but has also become a huge obstacle to finding a solution. Shove off John.

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