Chris Christie – Fallen off the Pedestal?

by Skip

barack_obama_chris_christieFace it, when Chris Christie first burst onto the scene campaigning for the NJ Governorship, he became an instant hit with a lot of Conservatives.  Not that he was all THAT conservative but that he was willing to take on the press, unions, and nay-sayers in a “take-no-prisoner” fashion.  And in that manner, just like Gingrich during the Republican Primaries (and here in NH when I went to events where he was), he refused to play defense; instead he went on full offense.

Nice to see a Republican go toe to toe and not descend into the “don’t rock the boat” mode. Not nice to see him these past two weeks slobbering over Obama and “The Boss” Springsteen (really, cried?).  Conservatives will forgive a lot, over time, but when you are first seen waging war FOR Romney, then playing patty-cake with the opponent (beyond what many believed was needed for a Governor talking with a President during a crisis).  Now this:

From Bloomberg:

Chris Christie, who last year dashed many Republicans’ hopes by turning down pleas to challenge President Barack Obama, says he had one word for Obama during a phone call last night: Congratulations.

And Republican Mitt Romney, the man he endorsed a full year before the election, raised millions in cash for, stood with at campaign stops across the country and delivered the keynote address for at the party’s convention?

The New Jersey governor says he sent him an e-mail yesterday.

This may not be forgiven for a long time – it certainly will not be forgotten.  A call to Obama; email to Romney who you endorsed?  A trite thing (or was it – a throwaway that Romney was now a throwaway?), but during a very tight (popular vote wise, anyways) ultimate “which way will this country go” contest, this and the patty-cake will sear an image into Conservatives’ minds that won’t soon be dimmed.


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    You guys are worse than Yankee Fans. Chris Christie was your darling. Remember Ann Coulter? “If you don’t run Chris Christie Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose.” Well it appears the “horse-faced one” was very prophetic after all. She was right. The GOP went with Romney and they lost.

    But throwing your golden boy under the bus because he . . . (GASP!) . . . said something nice about the President in the aftermath of one of the worst incidents in his state’s history?!?!?!?

    No wonder you guys can’t win anymore. You’re so ideologically pure(or stupid) that unless someone is 100% with you – he’s the antichrist!

    Heck, Christie said yet again yesterday that he was the hardest working Romney surrogate save for Paul Ryan. Does commending the President for his handling of Sandy mean that all that stumping never happened? Christie reiterated how disappointed he was that Romney lost. What does he have to do to have you guys like him again???

    Truth is . . . I kinda like Christie. He speaks his mind and I love the way he plays with the media.

    • nhsteve

      In a pool of toothless spineless moderate Northeast Republicans Christie is one of the few with any spine at all. He speaks truth to union power where many run and hide. That is his appeal. But he’s still a progressive.

      I have no alluions about that.

      He’s good for New Jersey and they can keep him.

      • IWKAGGP

        What’s an “alluion”?

        And I bet that NONE of you guys thought he was a “progressive” until he met with Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

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