You know its bad when Obama gets the virtual 2 X 4 from...... - Granite Grok

You know its bad when Obama gets the virtual 2 X 4 from……

…Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad???

How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” he asked at a press conference with Kuwaiti media personnel. “The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.”

Look, he IS a mad-man who just loves him his Big Bomb but on this, he is absolutely right – how long can we remain a superpower with such a crushing debt?  Free people we will not be for long – we will be forced to be Greece-heavy.  We aren’t even talking about the payback of this amount of dollars.  Sure, Obama says “no prob, we’ll just tax more” and knows, straight up, that he won’t even cut a dime on his own to cut just the annual deficit.

It’s like he’s doing this on purpose or something…..this is an election where a harsh decision needs to be made in the voting booth. What America do you want: the Shining City or just another nation at the UN.

(H/T: RedState)