So, Congressman Frank Guinta dissing one of NH's most beloved activists - Diane Bitter? - Granite Grok

So, Congressman Frank Guinta dissing one of NH’s most beloved activists – Diane Bitter?

Title 2: This is not what Frank should be doing to impress his former core supporters for his upcoming US Senate run…

Yeah, really!  Diane Bitter (Rye Republican Town Chair, NH GOP Area-Vice Chair, and NH Assistant Secretary, and MUCH more importantly, Conservative and TEA Party activist) reached out to Frank and his campaign LAST MARCH about attending this event (yes, yet another group she is involved with):

SRW Cong Sen Debate 2012The Seacoast Republican Women is a well respected group all over the state on the Right side of the aisle.  Diane is also well connected here in NH – and she is very experienced on putting on both large and small events all over the state. This is not a snafu on her part as from MY previous experience with her (and anyone that has worked with her can vouchsafe this), she does not leave important details to the last moment such as NOT giving a sitting Congressman a LONG lead on an event.  She knows that to get a VIP, you ask early and stay on it.  She did – again, the request went out in MARCH – 5 months ago. She was told soon after “No problem!”.    Oh Wait!…

…that was before he was going to have to work in a primary; none of his opponents had yet signed up officially.  This is supposed to be a forum – not a debate.    Now that they are showing up (Rick Parent, Vern Clough), frank Guinta is going to be a “no show”Really – stiffing Diane Bitter? 

Ouch!  A little tweet says that she is good and mad; not a lady you really want looking at you with the hair eyeball here in NH Politics….

 Sidenote: BTW, coming home from DC, I counted, in double digits, the number of signs out for Rick Parent (other candidates speaking at the CNHT Annual Picnic).  Also, TEA Party movement Jack Kimball has endorsed Rick Parent.  You can see our interview series with Rick here.

 Update:  This from Pindell’s / WMUR Political Scoop:

Frank Guinta: Big news this week as Guinta drops all three of his committee assignments for a spot on the House Financial Services Committee. There is a lot of campaign money that can be received there.

NOW will we start seeing the kinds of cuts in Government that we sent Guinta to DC to do?  It is in doubt: voted yes on two earlier Continuing Resolutions that kept the same (or higher) level of spending by the Feds.  Now with the Grand Bargain with Obama is ending (he’s blown through the $1 Trillion MORE debt that the Congress gave him – My GOSH!) just before the election – will he vote to shove more money into Obama’s hands, fully fund Obamacare, or will we see a spine in him for the ONLY reason we sent him there – CUT SPENDING!!

Or is it about raking IN the money?

Bass, on the other hand,  is a lost cause…