GrokTV Special Interview - Rick Parent (Candidate, Congress (NHCD-1) - Question 9 - too big, too small, or just right? - Granite Grok

GrokTV Special Interview – Rick Parent (Candidate, Congress (NHCD-1) – Question 9 – too big, too small, or just right?

The last question for Rick Parent is the same as a lot of folks get from the ‘Grok – a simple question which immediately give us a clue as to how they view the relationship of Government and sovereign citizens – The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.  A bigger Government is a more intrusive, more expensive, and a more meddling one while purporting to be a more “caring” one by Progressives.  A smaller government means more individual freedom and liberty, but also requires more responsibility from citizens for their own lives and to those around them.  So, we ask it:

Question 9:

What are your governing principles with respect to: government too big, too small, or just right?


  • Question 1:  Why are you one of the sponsors [of the Smart Girl Politics / NH First Annual Armed and Fabulous gun shoot]? What possessed you to say, in this hot and heavy political race, “I’m going to help sponsor a gun shoot”?
  • Question 2:  Why are you running for Congress in NH-CD1?
  • Question 3:  What are your top three things? What do you bring to the table, besides being a working man and not in politics, that Frank Guinta that Frank Guinta didn’t or has failed to do?
  • Question 4: You were talking about the debt resolutions, the continuing resolutions, that your opponent in the primary voted for and raised the debt ceiling. If you see a bill that is going to spend more than it did last year (outside of the military because it is one of primary Constitutional duties of the Federal Government), how would you vote?
  • Question 5: Does Congressman Rick Parent introduce bills to respond to these kinds of issues you’re talking about or defund them?
  • Question 6: In the last cycle, on a political line, where would you see yourself (from Nancy Pelosi to Jim Demint)?
  • Question 7: Budget is $1T out of balance and you won’t vote for a bill or a budget that would increase that deficit. What do you see as wants or needs to erase that?  What gets cut?
  • Question 8: The biggest disbursements in the Federal Budget are Social Security, Medicare, Military, Debt service. You said we have to address entitlements; the top two there are. Is it OK, does it have to be fixed, or do we have to do rather drastic changes because of demographics?