Did Maggie Cilley Ever Denounce Bill Clinton? (Video Added)

While we’re on the topic of denouncing things, not long ago, Bill Clinton, impeached perjurer and accused serial rapist and sex offender, came to New Hampshire to endorse Maggie Cilley for Governor.

Maggie Hassan, the actual object of the endorsement, stood on stage next to the accused rapist, as have almost every New Hampshire Democrat or party leader for more than a decade.   They love him.   He cheats on his wife.   A lot.   Seduces interns.  Arranges rendezvous.  He uses his positions of authority to chase tail, and has been accused of multiple counts of unwanted sexual advances and even rape.

Find me a New Hampshire Democrat running anything (or for anything ever) who has publicly denounced Mr. Clinton for these…lifestyle choices.

(UPDATE) Claire McCaskill,  you recall who she is, yes?  She’s running against Todd Aikin in Missouri. She’s on the record…not wanting President Bill Clinton near her daughter.   Nice.