Let’s Play Spot The Socialist Dullard

by Steve MacDonald

New Hampshire has it’s share of obvious Socialist thieves.  Democrat candidate William ‘Hud’ Connery is an admitted socialist.  Folks like Catholic Socialist Peter ‘Can’t wait to get Connery on the team’ Sullivan, are a half-shade less obvious; Sullivan is an anti tax pledge guy as well and a supporter of Jackie ‘Tax and Spend us” Cilley so tax and spend or spend then tax are job one–complete with the class warfare tax the rich meme that has become a prominent feature of Democrat rhetoric everywhere you shop for flavorless-left wing political pablum–with a Marxist twist!

So I’m sure this is just a coincidence then, that.. “In 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels frankly proposed “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax” as one of the  measures by which, after the first stage of the revolution, “the proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeois, to centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the state.”  And doesn’t that just mesh so well with what I just wrote here? and tried to simplify here.

So what about the other socialist hiding in the proverbial New Hampshire bushes?   Now that we have the Outsourcer in Chief channeling Elizabeth Warren, insisting that anyone who is successful didn’t do that on their own, we have another opportunity to play ‘Spot the Socialist Dullard.’  It’s validation from on high for left wing big government pragmatists everywhere.

If you don’t feel like waiting you can always just ask them, but a casual search around the liberal ghettos of New Hampshire (and their Facebook Pages) you will find evidence of support for the idea that anyone who was ever successful is only successful because of government–or in Obama’s context, the government managed workers paradise whose labor supports the governments success and by extension, everyone elses.

This is still as completely backward as backwards can be, and it’s not all that difficult to rebut.  Without risk there is no growth.  Without growth their is no capital. There are no jobs for workers and no employees or wealth creators to tax to fund a government.  So the answer to the which came first query, wealth creators or Republican government, the answer is wealth creators because without them there is no government.

What Obama is talking about is actually a form of slavery.  Take the irony however you like, but that is what it is,  And all over New Hampshire there are Democrats and even a few Republicans who are exactly the kind of socialist dullards who buy into all that.

When and wherever you find them, make sure to call them out.  ask them the uncomfortable questions.  And expose them for what they are.

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