Sandra Fluke; ‘Pay for My Birth Control….I’ll Be in Spain If You Need Me.’

by Steve MacDonald

Sandra Fluke and Boy toy in Spain- Did they pay her for birth control while she was there?While Hillary Clinton is comparing Sandra Fluke to a political prisoner in Burma, we have discovered that Sandra “I can’t afford my own 9$/month birth control pills” Fluke, recently took a trip to the place where the rain stays mainly on the plain.

So Sandra Fluke and Michelle Obama have something else in common.  A desire to spend other peoples money, and vacations in Spain.  No evidence either of them came under imaginary sniper fire, but there is always time to add that in to either story later.

Take away question: Did the government of Spain pay for her birth control while she was vacationing there?

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Take away answer: let’s hope someone paid for The Fluke’s birth control to prevent her from spawning more parasitic flatworms.  And you guys thought her surname was just a fluke!
    – C. dog sees connections where others only see chaos

    • Thanks for the Assist  And by the way, heard Michael Graham read your email on my way home.  You’re a busy dog.  Keep up the fine work.

      • C. dog e. doG

        I’m so glad you heard it.  Once in a blue moon, I send a quip or whip to Michael, depending on whether he’s being a naughty boy or not.

        • He can wander off the reservation.  The only alternative is Jay Sevrin on WTKK and when Romney is running for something his show is the Romney Campaign hour, after hour, and I can’t stomach that.

          • C. dog e. doG

            You and I both lost track of good ol’ Jay.  Since he was unfortunately fired from WTKK for the barest of offense against some thin-skinned or thinly veiled women, he migrated to WXKS-AM 1200.  What he should have been fired for were those guy-on-guy love fests with Romney.  Turn the channel, please! 

            You guys need to get a radio gig again!  It’s not like the dial is rift with quality programming, and I hope there’s sufficient numbers of people in NH who are sentient, and therefore capable and interested in actual exchanges of ideas with flair and panache.
            – C. dog

          • Skip

            would love to have another on-air show…problem is, it costs a bunch of bucks to get on the air – stations charge for that time.  We need some fundraising and then someone to go get ads for us – we all work full time, then do this blogging and activism stuff so at this point, we kinda have “run out of bandwidth”. 

            It takes a lot time to do guest wrangling and the processing the audio well afterwards, putting up the promo page and then the podcast page.  

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  • Not to wasted too much time on you guys— but she may have been in Barcelona on business.

    • granitegrok

      Nope, she’s too busy campaigning for Obama in Nevada – 1 parking space at a time

    • Steve MacDonald

      I’m not sure if that creates a better perception for Ms. Fluke, Tim. If she was there on business then she not only has a job, but one that may require international travel. Given that the picture of her in Spain is purported to be with her boyfriend, she either had th eoption to bring him along or he paid for his own flight to be with her (while she was on business) none of which paints the picture of the unfortuante “college student” in desperate need of free contraception that Pelosi and the congressional Democrats per-walked out in front of the cameras.

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