“Psst! Hey Buddy. Want to Buy A Train?”

by Steve MacDonald

Where's my Choo Choo?The morning Union leader chides New Hampshire Governor John Lynch for saying this to the Nashua Telegraph.

“I think rail would be an economic driver for this region. Ultimately, we would realize more money than we could even contemplate at this point.”

The UL goes on to quote a 2008 study pointing out that most of the rail traffic would be diverted from existing use, which makes sense even to environmental wackos–it’s why they want rail; to get people out of their cars.  So, as the UL points out, there is no ‘New" activity nor more money than we could ever contemplate.

That is exactly right.

Of course these are democrats so you need to translate what the Governor said into real concepts.  What he meant was that if we added commuter rail "there would be more spending than we could even contemplate at this point."

You see spending to a democrat means more taxes, and taxes are more money–into the hands of bureaucrats–than we will ever want to part with.

One other point worth mentioning.  John Lynch is the same guy who signed off on high growth revenue projections during the "worst recession in history" and allowed all the excessive spending it was imagined to pay for.  He was also the guy who allowed all they accounting gimmicks to make the budget look balanced, and…permitted false claims about a surplus to circulate so he could get re-elected when even he had to know we were sitting on a 800 million to one billion dollar structural deficit of his making.

John Lynch is just a guy in a dark alley whispering, "Psst! Hey buddy.  Want to buy a train?"


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