Horrigan Resigns

Just about everyone who would read this probably already knows this–Tim Horrigan has resigned after posting comments about Sarah Palin on facebook in response to the discussion about Keith Halloran’s "death wish" comments.   And while the resignation is probably appropriate, the situation surrounding it has it’s own bits of intrigue.

First, the comment that got Mr. Horrigan in trouble on Halloran’s facebook post–the one that is posted at NowHampshire and on the Granite Status, is not the only one.  A second version appeard briefly on a seperate facebook post–since deleted it seems and no I did not do a screen capture–but I did copy and paste the text into the comments section of my previous post on the matter while looking for the original.  Here’s that comment.

"ironically a dead Sarah Palin would’ve been much more of a problem for the left than the living one is. her myth has very little to do with anything she has ever said, done or accomplished. in fact, she isn’t actually DOING anything now. s…he doesn’t even SAY anything aside from "you betcha" and "mama grizzly." all she ever accomplished was to help McCain blow the 2008 election. she’s just a blank wall on which some people project their hopes and some others, like the unfortunate Keith David Halloran, project their hatred"

The wording is very similar to the orignal, though with more detail.  Sorry I did not get the capture–but what does it mean?  He took the time to write it twice. It wasn’t just a fluke spur of the moment thing. Whatever that portends, he has since apologized and resigned his seat and his re-election. I’d say he means it.

But is that all there is to say?


The comments from Chairman Buckly are interesting.  The Granite Status reports the NHDP chair’s comments as follows…

"Rep. Horrigan took the appropriate action by resigning today. His comments were inappropriate and do no reflect the views of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. As an elected official, this type of rhetoric is out of line."

What do we take from this?  That the NHDP believes Palin is more of a threat alive?  Probably.  And in reality, resigning has no meaning.  His ending his campaign also has no meaning.  He will still be on the ballot, and Strafford 7 can still elect him to the seat.  Given the history of the district he’d probably have to be dead before they would fill the seat with a Republican, and even then he’d still win.  But will he stay resigned if re-elected?  I’ve a feeling about that…

I am also told a democrat write in candidate has a better shot than a republican.  Buckley risks nothing by dismissing Horrigan out of hand and gets to pretend it’s the standard policy of the party when we know that not to be the case.

We’ll follow this as it develops.  Who knows.  Maybe another democrat will jump off the same ledge.  But I’m not holding my breath and I’m not waiting for all the State Democrat leadership and the federal level candidates to step up an denounce the lot of them.  That is after all what Buckley would demand of everyone who ever even considered being a Republican so we can’t expect it from his party.

By the way.  I believe Keith Halloran has apolpogized…on facebook at least.  No word on if there has been a more public apology.  We’ll keep watching.