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A fisking of US Senator Jeff Flake on the SCOTUS hearings

Two fortunate things came together – I found the charging cord to my Zoom Q4 camera (literally handsized) and found out that it makes a great camera with which to yank off clips from the TV (DVR’d of course) and that US Senator Jeff Flake decided to show up at St Anselm’s Institute of Politics this past Monday Night.  Of course, WMUR just HAD (in their drift leftward) had to cover this “Conservative” who, they touted, derailed the confirmation of Brett Kavanuagh to the Supreme Court (even if just for a little mite of time).  Of course, Flake is all pleased with himself and he made that quite clear to all.  For not much at all, IMHO; let the fisking begin:

Oh, that picture and “who is that in that red circle?”.  Note to Jeff Flake:

If this person is clapping for you in glee – you are already doomed with the Republican base here  in NH.  Her glee is in that she’s Zandra Rice-Hawkins, the Exec Director of Granite State Progress. You know, that out of State funded Socialist group that is bound and determined to unmake New Hampshire from what it has traditionally been. You know, make us into New York, or Illinois, or even California! Yep, a Democratic / Socialist stronghold with all of the trappings (and taxes) of such – it is what Democrat hellholes become. And with her collectivist outlook, NH cannot be permitted to be anything else other than what they want us to be – just like every other State they control. You good with that, Jeff?

So the glee in her clapping is that she knows you’re one of the unwitting stooges helping them along all because BIPARTISANSHIP.  Which the Democrats wail about missing – until they regain Power again.  Hey, Jeffy, didn’t you learn that from the Obama Administration?  Tell me, when did Obama, or any of the Democrats, speak of “bipartisanship”?

Only thing I remember was Obama’s version of partisanship: “I won”.

Obviously a lesson you haven’t figured out yet and with this even, probably never will.