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Notable Quote – Sarah Hoyt

Imagine my shock when I found out that the pussy-hat brigade was planning yet another “woman’s march” to protest the anniversary of the inauguration of our lawfully elected president. No, seriously, you could have knocked me down with a feather [sarcasm], I was that surprised.

I mean, after all, a movement that started off protesting the removal of vague, unspecified rights from women who couldn’t actually even name a single right endangered by the election of Trump wouldn’t leave enough alone when after a year no rights have been removed from any woman anywhere in US territory.  In fact, it could be argued that the #metoo movement has not only righted some long-festering Hollywood injustices and misbehavior but has encouraged women everywhere to go on the hunt for male scalps, deserved or not.

In fact these “Women’s Marches” are the perfect leftist movement: No defined purpose, no particular benefit, but full of sound and fury, signifying nothing and lasting forever, all the while drawing in mindless idiots who want to be “activists” without understanding  politics — or really much of anythingSince leftism is a positional good, they are the equivalent of Victorian ladies getting together to have tea and discuss how to save the underclasses who neither know about them nor want their help.

Sarah Hoyt (Science Fiction author, blogger, The Perils of Postmodern Progressivism)