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Notable Quote – Mark Levin

So why didn’t Chairman Issa hold an investigative hearing a year ago? Why didn’t Chairman Camp, all Republicans, hold an investigative hearing a year ago, and all the other tripping over themselves right now? I’ll tell you why. Because the establishment Republicans, the RINO Republicans, despise the Tea Party. They despise the conservative movement. We exist to be managed, to be shuttled to the polling place, to vote for their candidates. The Karl Roves of the world, and all the rest of them. They fight us in the primaries, they fight us at the grassroots. We’re a bunch of kooks, don’t you know. We’re right-wing nuts, don’t you know. They’re not going to hold an investigative hearing before an election and screw up Mitt Romney’s chances to become POTUS, because a handful of Tea Party activists, you know a couple hundred, claiming that the IRS was targeting them.

Oh, what a bunch of nuts. We’ll fire off a few letter, we’ll ask a question here and there, we might follow up here and there. We’re not going to have a spectacle and actually conduct a hearing. We’re not going to actually exercise our authority under Article One of the Constitution for these Tea Party types of crying out loud, the unwashed. That’s why they didn’t hold a hearing last year! And they’re holding hearings today, not because they give a damn about the Tea Party, or conservatives for that matter, who they are raising money to defeat in the next bunch of primaries, its because they think they can get a political advantage out of this.

– Mark Levin, radio host, author


(H/T: RealClearPolitics)