This Week's RINO of the Week

“A government big enough to give you everything you need, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have….”—Sen. Barry Goldwater

Representative Marshall E. “Lee” Quandt, Rockingham District 13 is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK Representative Quandt tends to be “Clintonista” with his navigation of the New Hampshire political Fabric and based on his New Hampshire House Republican Alliance Scorecard, he enjoys some modicum of success doing that.

But when one actually takes the time to drill down and look at the combination of advocacy, public statements, who Quandt attacks, what he says when he attacks and what he is loyal to, a clear picture emerges. Machiavellian political survival is the modus operandi for this brand of RINO. Such triangulation where so many politicians seek to be all things to all people is frequently sought after, but seldom achieved.  But Rockingham County is unique unto itself. There are many House Representatives in Rockingham who truly believe in liberty principles, less government and fiscal responsibility. A government that is accountable, accessible and willing to engage in a dialog with the very folks who elect them.

Representative Marshall E. "Lee" Quandt

Back in July of last year, my fellow Grok writer underscored the differences when he wrote, Rockingham 14 has RINO written all over it.  While he spoke of Quandt’s district next door, the thesis of Steve’s post underscores why RINO’s are a major problem.  A Quandt is in the thick of contributing to the fiscal status quo.

Representative Quandt is a RINO. This is the same Representative who comes to NRA Banquet Dinners, hat in hand, seeking the endorsement of the NRA and then votes against every gun bill in the legislature with only a few exceptions.

Representative Quandt has a deep and abiding fealty to Unions who comprise a small minority in the American Labor force, yet seeks to impose their will on rest of us. Quandt voted against the removal of the evergreen clause and voted against right to work. But not only did he vote against right to work, he was right out in front should to shoulder with Union hacks.

Representative Quandt wrote a blog on January 14 using descriptors, categorizations and pejoratives only so commonly used by the liberal left. In that blog he stated,

“[I]n the next election and it will be up to you the voters to join the fight and vote them out of office and keep those who are running out.”

In that same blog, he grossly mischaracterized an opposite editorial written by the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman Carolyn McKinney. On January 15 I wrote about Quandt’s hit piece.  The difference between my article and Quandt’s was that I had the courage to include the exact texts (both Quandt’s and McKinney’s) so that readers could judge for themselves.

Moreover, Quandt ducks any accountability. He has no e-mail address either on his house listing or on his blog for Exeter News Service; He leaves no link to interact or comment on the writing;  Nor does he deal directly with verifiable facts when he writes, expecting readers to assume he accurate. Charlatanry is dishonesty by another name.

Because Representative Quandt is so ready and willing to jump into bed with those whose postions are antithetical to liberty, responsible, limited and fiscally restrained government, He garners this week’s title of RINO OF THE WEEK.  Do wear this title like a badge of honer, Lee. That is yet another hallmark RINOS seem to share.