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Xi Jinping

Enes Kanter and Xi Jingping

China, Celtics, and Freedom

High profiles athletes often make “public service announcements” (PSAs) for this or that. Don’t use drugs. Get vaccinated. Stay in school. Then there is Boston Celtic center Enes Kanter, who perhaps issued the “Mother of all PSAs” when he warned that the Chinese Communist regime’s leader, Xi Jinping, was a “brutal dictator.”

Media Fear Mongers - Garrison

The Seductive Drumbeat of Tyranny

There’s a sneaky new little virus in town, who would get lost amongst the regular Influenza and Rhinoviruses (Rhinovirii?) out there, but thanks to the pied pipers of the Fake News Networks, that little virus is leading a parade with the jackbooted federal government only too happy to fall in behind…