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Of permits and things……….

“The permit came from Department of Administrative Services, so it’s up to them, but in their boiler plate permit it states you cannot sell anything, and I suppose selling raffle tickets would be a violation of standard licensing,” said Shurtleff.

No Matty, Legislators Are Not Obligated to be “Open-Minded”

This: Actually, Matty, I expect Representatives that I supported to be closed-minded in the sense that they are going to keep their campaign promises. I would never support a Representative who is running on a platform of being “open-minded” about raising taxes, growing government, infringing on the First and Second Amendments, etc. etc. etc. And …

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GrokTALK! – Polling Concealed Carry Part II

We continue the analysis of the Women’s Defense League Poll on concealed carry with Emily Sandblade. Does carry permitting prevent criminals from getting guns? Should a few wealthy out of state donors be able to influence state law? (Will you be surprised at how the Democrats polled responded?)