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Facebook-Censored Social media, Shadow-banning

Candace Owens is Suing Facebook’s Fact Checkers

Candace Owens has stepped up and taken one for the team. Well, not the team. Social media’s so-called independent fact-checkers are none of the above. They create facts you never asserted and even fact-check your opinion. Owens has had enough; she’s suing.

Affordable Quality Healthcare

Affordable Quality Healthcare

Trump administration does it for the children Don’t we want a properly functioning healthcare system? Hasn’t the time come to make it happen? The Trump administration is moving this month to make healthcare providers disclose their prices. That includes the prices they charge insurers. The new initiative complements several related steps the administration has taken. …

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Not so fast….

I received an email yesterday from the Republican Party of New Hampshire.  I am registered Republican, and have subscribed to the NH GOP’s mailing list. The opening paragraph goes like this: "Our Republican leadership team did a great job in setting the table for the November Elections.  We recruited more candidates for state office than …

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