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Is Donald Trump Forming a Third Political Party – The Patriot Party?

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Third Parties can be the Third Rail of the political machine. People who spend time inside this sausage factory will tell you they never work out. Third parties. They only take seats from Republicans. Quick question. With Republicans like these, don’t we need a third party?


The moment Trump’s departure seemed certain, they bailed on him en masse. Cowering off to huddle at the feet of the Democrats. Hoping for some scarps from their table. And they won’t even defend you.

Is that any way to live?

More than a few of our authors or readers have abandoned the Republican party at one point or another or refused to join it. I never left becasue it occurred to me that the only way to elicit change was from inside the party machine.

Donald Trump tried to do that.

He was elected as a disruptor by the country class, and they love him. The ruling class – which includes most if not all of both parties, hated him. He got a lot done despite that, but much of it will be rolled back by Biden’s Democrat Republic of Doucebagistan. See also, Kamalastan.

The lesson? There are (at least) two.

First, we need another disruptor to shake the barnacles off the ship of state (and the state of the state, here in NH). Two, the Republican party is no longer vehicle for doing that, nor ever shall it be.

You may get a thing or two done at the local level, but then – especially in New Hampshire – you run into families like the Sununu’s. Ruling class-asskissers. You twist their panties too much, and they call the party check-writers. The money stops. We’ve seen it done.

If we can’t sidestep the gatekeepers, we’re rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

What Republicans need is a Third Party Face CHecker. The Serious Constitutional Republic or die gut check.

Would Democrats have an advantage with a Patriot Party, were Trump (or anyone else) to build it? Probably. But at any point between now and your death bed, can you in all seriousness see the Republican party forging a path to an America constrained by the US Constitution?

Not a chance. We need something that pulls them all together in a more closely pro-constitutional republic sort of groove in numbers that the Libertarians have failed at for as long as they’ve tried.

A Math Problem

A significant number of Trump voters only registered as Republicans (or registered at all) becasue of Trump. Never before and perhaps never again, at least not for a Republican after this mess.

A significant number of registered Republicans still support Donald Trump and believe he was robbed. They think the party let him down when he controlled Congress and more or less every day after that. They blame Republicans for not doing more to fight for just about anything, the election results included. Where do they go?

If they are not going to vote, Democrats win anyway. And if elected GOPers are not prepared to get muddy on election fraud in every state they can win, none of it matters. Dems will fix elections in perpetuity, and everyone loses.

And there is very little evidence they intend even to try.

So, we either stay in the wilderness fighting a Republican party swamp that needs us but doesn’t want our values or create some competition. Republicans pretend to like competition. Maybe it’s time we found out just how much.

And yes, according to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Trump is thinking about it. Starting a new party. It’s not a done deal, but if anyone could do it, he could—Republicans, Independents, Blue Collar Dems, Blacks, Hispanics, even women.

Trump grew the tent-like no GOP Candidate in history. If he’s smart, he’ll pitch his own. Make America Great is still a foundation to which people would rally.

So, does he do it? Would you join?