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2020 is an election year

Since We’re Having an Election, Why Not Put an End to Socialism

In most election years the Democrats lie. They promise all manner of things in their attempt to buy votes. There are an endless array of government handouts, freebies and special interest priorities. We know it is bulls**t but we all wish Santa and the Easter Bunny would leave us something extra.

Financial success is social success.

Financial Success is Social Success

Financial success is social success and justice is always fair. These are the types of soft thoughts that get us in trouble. Corporations never lose sight of the facts. Financial success frequently correlates with brilliant corporate culture.

Black Lives MAGA2


If you’d like to trigger a few Leftists (who am I kidding – all of them), start using this hashtag. #BlackLivesMAGA. It will make them livid. And after their twigs snap and they puke slurs all over the place, you can point out that a black man crafted it.

Who Supports Small Business?

Small business is still the backbone of the U.S. economy. New Hampshire’s economy is dominated by small business. There are more than 30 million small businesses in America. They employ about 60 million workers. That’s half of the U.S. workforce. Small businesses account for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. These days many are exporters. They …

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Trade War? Seems like Trump is winning by using tariffs like a scalpel

Mexico, Canada – it was Germany’s turn to be on the short end of Trump’s “Art of the Deal” and the EU throwing in the towel.  Remember, Trump has said he’d most want NO tariffs at all: Trump VICTORY? EU may ABANDON tariffs on US cars after threats to German industry The German Federal Minister …

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