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Constitutional Convention

Independence Day – Observed

We just passed July 4th, what most people the world over consider American Independence Day. (That’s independence from the British Crown, for those currently in public school.)

1984 Thought crimes

“Those who erase history have no past – and no future.”

Over at Weekend Pundit, DCE has a proper observation of the NOW in politics (emphasis mine): Seeing the increasing attack upon history by overly-sensitive know-nothings, I am dismayed at the level of ignorance being displayed by those wishing to erase history. They have been convinced that 17th, 18th, 19th, and early/mid 20th century historical figures must be …

“Those who erase history have no past – and no future.” Read More »

Let’s move forward, not in circles

Driving home from PorcFest this evening, I noticed that on I-91, Vermont has combined traditional exit numbers with the new distance-based exit numbers mandated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  For example, one of the exits is marked Exit 18/Milepoint Exit 120.  This seemed like a nice way to combine the old and the new.

Progressives erasing history5

Seems apt today….

Bruce Currie, former Government School teacher, approves of erasing history and substituting Communist ideology instead. After all, being a Bernie-Bro AND all of his comments over the years here at GraniteGrok pretty much backs up that assertion. Whereas, the rest of us want our history on display – especially the Civil War era as it …

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Ah, the hypocrisy of the Left. But they’ll blame Trump for it!

After drone striking Iranian Quds Force leader General Qasem Soleimani who has been killing Americans for years, either directly through Iranian forces/resources or via proxies in the Middle East when Iranian backed militias attacked an Iraqi based American embassy (and thereby crossing a red line that Trump had laid down).