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Social Engineering

Why should taxpayers be paying for more babies? Who really is the selfish one in all this? Enter stage Right – HB1658

Before getting into the quick discussion of NH HB1658 (“limiting financial assistance for mothers who have additional children while receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).”) that some Conservative has introduced, how ’bout this for a table setting?  This went viral back in December and while it was shocking to see a single women with …

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Prepare For The Barakaclypse

Every one of these was or is a left wing campaign to make leftist dogma look like centrist mantra. They exist to streamline progressive/socialsit thought into mainstream thinking. But they failed and so the latter iterations have become more destructive. Each “movement” has gotten progressively more unruly, progressively more violent.

A Rant Worth Reading

Liberals see success as a problem – if people are able to live their own lives without the guidance of aspiring liberal fascists, the entire premise of liberalism is fatally undercut. So success is the target, …


“In hindsight it may even seem inevitable that a socialist society will starve when it runs out of capitalists.”  —Larry Niven How does one become an Occupy Wall Street Protestor? A quest for understanding in a somewhat complicated topic. Why? Because there are some who seem to demonstrate a modicum of intelligence and articulate usage …



“What ‘multiculturalism’ boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture.” ~Thomas Sowell Far too many people define themselves in a hyphenated Status. This was virtually unheard of up until the 1970’s. Americans were, well…just …

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Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work!

“It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” ~Edmund Burke And when older people are yelling, “Don’t cut my Social Security!” Do you think they know about this community in Tacoma Washington? SO here you have it….Obama pimping the old people to keep …

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GSFTC Member Organization Spotlight -NH Citizens Alliance

A Non-partisan organization devoted to social, economic, and political justice? Too bad that’s just not possible. There are no right wing groups seeking these ethereal ends. These are buzz-words, Orwellian constructs, created by statist agenda-driven socialists to mislead people. So the NHCA couldn’t be “non-partisan” if they tried. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at who they associate with and what they support.


“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater The RINO of the week is three term House Representative David H. Kidder.  Representative Kidder’s voting record reveals a rank statist who consistently supports governmental intrusion into the lives of Granite …