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New Hampshire State Senate Nixes Medicaid Expansion in Budget

By a vote of 4 – 2 Senate budget writes have ‘Just said No’ to the proposed Medicaid expansion option tied to the “Eliminate Any Hope Of Affordable Care Act,” frequently misrepresented as the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ or ObamaCare.  Speaking for the majority, State Senate Majority Leader Peter Bragdon, who happens to be State Senator, said something incredibly intelligent. …

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CFL’s May Cause Cancer?

A study released last Summer by Stony Brook University – “The Effects of UV Emission from CFL Exposure on Human Dermal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes in Vitro,”  (published in the June issue of the journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology)– suggests that compact fluorescent light bulbs release dangerous amounts of UV rays that create a serious health …

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Endorsement: Dan Dwyer, State Senate

As State Senate President, Peter Bragdon lays claim to a number of accomplishments, he also owns a number of disappointments, one of the most egregious of which is our continued membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas initiative (RGGI).   I hold him solely responsible for our continued participation in this unconstitutional scheme which the Democrat majority …

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Quick Thought – Bragdon / Dwyer

From Pindell on his weekly Ups and Downs Political Standing column: Dan Dwyer: The Merrimack Selectman wants to primary Senate President Peter Bragdon, but Bragdon will file showing $63,000 cash on hand already in his campaign account. Can Dwyer compete with that? As a Conservative activist, I have been sorely disappointed in the NH Senate …

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For Repeal of RGGI

If energy efficiency is beneficial to people, governments, businesses, etc., then why do the rest of us have to subsidize their usage?
I believe the savings claims from energy efficiency are BOGUS.
CFLs contain mercury, a known poison, especially harmful to children. CFLs will put mercury into tens of millions of homes most of which will never know how to treat breakage safely causing untold negative consequences to people, our environment, and our water supply.
Governments around the world have been subsidizing the investigation into global warming to the tune of billions of dollars every year for many years. Yet, the global warming advocates can’t prove man-made global warming, the best they have done so far is to publish lies, and to try to prevent people who disagree from being heard.

Blind Spot

The saving of New Hampshire Taxpayer dollars has already begun. Peter Bragdon announced that his State Senate chief of staff will not be earning the $100,000.00 his predecessor is said to have received.