The World is NOT Getting Warmer...Mr. President! - Granite Grok

The World is NOT Getting Warmer…Mr. President!


Nothing speaks to the cloistered nature of what passes for left wing intelligence like Global Warming.  It is the perfect litmus test.  All you need do is ask and if the respondent sounds like this, you can rest assured that most everything else they know come from the same poisoned well.

What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago.

This is President Obama, the smartest man in any room, repeating what he thinks he knows to be true.  Unfortunately for the President and those similarly afflicted, not only has the earth not warmed faster than predicted even 10 years ago, it has not warmed at all.

The earth is the same temperature it was sixteen years ago, and correct me if I am wrong but given the massive amounts of CO2 added to the atmosphere since Al Gwhore decided that he could secure his future as a 1percenter with a picture book for global scaremongering, I should be outside harvesting my second or third crop of beefsteak tomatoes instead of looking through storm windows at the frost covered detritus of deciduous trees.

Seeing as I’m a crazy right-winger hell-bent on the destruction of the planet, I can’t possibly expect anyone left of Nixon to believe my words so here’s a nice picture to help you see things more clearly.

Global CO2 and matching Temp graph

The green line is CO2 the red and blue are global temperature trends.

Your first observation might be that increased CO2 is actually making the planet cooler.  That almost makes sense given this data.

If you’re skeptical you might at least suggest that CO2 is not causing warming or cooling and that it has limited if any affect on temperature trends at all

You’d be very wise to consider that anyone who thinks the planet is warming (it is not), or insists that CO2 is involved (it is not), and has no problem saying things like “What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago,” is either a total a**-hat or has ulterior motives that cannot succeed unless you believe their lies.

Consider further: it was Global Warming until the warming stopped, at which point it became climate change.  We in the Northeast, who are not green-thumb-stuck-up-our-butts left-wing-climate-scaremongers use two different terms to describe climate change— ‘Seasons’ and ‘Weather.’  Ahyup!

You might as well tax walking and claim it will lower the seas and cool the…steaming pile of….BS (Barack ****).  Yet here we have the President of the United states regurgitating a provably false statement about an idea manufactured by his party and its fellow travelers for the very real purpose of using it as an excuse to seize control of the energy markets in favor of one they believe they can control.  But teaching children that a lie is the truth, and propagandizing generations of the population to believe it does not make it so.

The world is not getting warmer and CO2 is not responsible.  Given that these are the two pillars of the entire scheme, continued devotion by Democrats (and pandering to it by the (r)epublican-esque Peter Bragdon’s of the world) is little more than using incumbent political propaganda to prop up pagan gods to keep the collection plate full, the “priests’ and proselytizers of this global conspiracy gainfully employed at the expense of others, and the  political kick backs (taxpayer funded finder’s fees) pouring back to the political power brokers.

And no one in the media seems capable of pointing out the simple truth or challenging these lies directly.  The Climate Change agenda is a complete fraud.