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GrokTALK! with Jazz Shaw from Hot Air Part II

In part II of our conversation with Jazz Shaw we continue with the pension problems in places like Illinois and how their influence and Democrat power politics can ruin an otherwise perfectly good state–making it almost economically uninhabitable.

GrokTALK! – Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

Jazz Shaw from Hot Air joins us to talk about Mitt and Evander fighting for charity, the Democrat primary Senate throw-down brewing in Illinois, why size matters (when it comes to cell phones), and unsustainable debt and pension distress were institutionalized in the land of Lincoln.  (Part I of II)  

RLCNH Report: Action needed on pension reform

RLCNH Report for the week is available. Lots going on—continuing Obamacare fight, stopping location tracking without consent, requiring police accountability, decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana—but the most important bill this week is pension reform. ACTION ALERT! Fix New Hampshire’s Pension System SB 229 is the pension reform bill that we’ve all been waiting for, because after …

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I’d Like To Give A Tax Cut To Public Sector Employees

As I understand it public sector employees pay taxes too. I’m quite sure I’ve heard that somewhere. So if they paid for their benefits and pensions right out of their paychecks, like most of the rest of us have to do. They’d automatically give themselves a tax cut.

The End Of The “We Pay Taxes Too” Argument?

The only way it could ever be equal, is if we all paid the same taxes, and taxpayers paid nothing extra for benefits and retirement; you would have to fund pay all of your share of both at the same rates as the average private citizen.

Pension Bomb

Skip posted this video last month for fun.  Well now, someone has had some fun with it.  The Brick is labeld ‘Pensions’ and the Washing Machine is labeled ‘State Budget.’  Watch it again, it’s less than 30 seconds, and enjoy the reality of it all.   People on State pensions take particular note.  If there …

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Unhitch The Debt Wagon

We watch with amusement as the legislature attempts again to reconcile it’s bad fiscal manners, elbows on the table, slurping soup, and reaching across each others plates as they huddle over another last minute committee of conference. At the top of the menu is the budget, which is a coarse left over from last year that no one can stomach, or manage to keep down.

One Thought In Passing

Are the people running the unions stupid?  Not the rank and file, but the leadership.  These people are selling salt as flour to the due payers while pushing the cities and states into a corner.  What do I mean?  Look at the pension problem.  In New Jersey Chris Cristie has to fight tooth and nail …

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