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One Thought In Passing

Are the people running the unions stupid?  Not the rank and file, but the leadership.  These people are selling salt as flour to the due payers while pushing the cities and states into a corner.  What do I mean?  Look at the pension problem. 

In New Jersey Chris Cristie has to fight tooth and nail to get the unions to pick up another percentage or two of their own pensions.  And that doesn’t stop the freight train, in fact it barely slows it down.  But they don’t want to do it.  In New Hampshire the Unions wont bargain so the state has to cut jobs.  Well isn’t that telling.  But it’s like that everywhere.  We have a huge state pension problem.  And still the union bosses keep fighting to keep the taxpayer on the hook for all of it, pushing for rasies when the people paying them have decliing income and the state is running deficits.
Hey McFly.  If there is no will on the part of the taxpayers, and we’re close, there is no money.  And when there’s no money because democrats wasted it on their stupid grow government agenda, there is no money.  And when there is no money, the pension does not exist.  The government will screw you. 
So for what amounts to political points Unions are forcing states and towns to keep public sector employees on the payroll and damning your own members to an empty retirement because there is no money.
There will be more layoffs.  Here will be lowered salaries.  And the pensions are going to fail.  But the unions don’t care because you know who gets stuck with the tab anyway.  Taxpayers.  Those pension less employees would end up on public assistance anyway.  Not exactly a healthy way to spend your declining years. 
But this is what passes for the tunnel visions leadership in the Unions, and in the democrat party–not that they are identifiable as seperate entities.
So to the rank and file…I hope you’ve got a back up plan and I hope it’s not rioting.