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Winning: You Helped Kill New Hampshire’s Wretched Unnecessary Pet-Czar Bill (HB688)

I think congratulations are in order. In February we reported on a bill to create what I called the Pet Czar. A law granting regulatory authority to an agency that would cost millions annually to boss pet owners and hobby breeders around. A gross act of overreach. An absurd abuse of power. A law that, “would create …

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Interview: Dave McCray

Dave McCray is a small business owner who is running for the state house. We talk about the burdens the state puts on job creators and how Dave would like to relieve them.

The Cost When Principle and Policy No Longer Matter

We continue with RLCNH chair Aaron Day on his threatened third party challenge to NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the failure of Medicaid/ObamaCare, and the cost to New Hampshire if the Republican State legislature reauthorizes expansion.    

Will Sen. Ayotte Pay a Price For Meddling?

NH Senator Kelly Ayotte meddled in the race for NH Speaker of the House. As a result, moderate Republican leadership took command with plans to extend Medicaid Expansion. One local activist has a plan to make her pay a  political price.  

GrokTALK! – Murderers Row

Former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien joins us for a discussion on running for office, the make up of legislatures, how Murderers Row in the New Hampshire House got its name, and why legislators should only serve a short time (no careerists) and then go home.  

A Shot Over the Bond Ratings Bow

Wednesday there will be a vote on a bill to make it easier for the state to back private projects with taxpayer money.  We explore what this might do to the bond rating and debt service, who this serves, and what future boondoggles we might expect should it pass.  

GrokTALK! Casinos, Carry Bills, and Bond Ratings

Is NH on the cusp of a Casino Gambling embrace? What are the odds we’ll finally pass constitutional carry? And could a bill in the Legislature damage the state’s bond rating and open the door to an endless string of taxpayer backed bailouts?  

GrokTALK! – Park Free Or Die

We explore the power politics game among both Republicans and Democrats, in the legislature and in primaries; how some elected officials will vote against their own principles out of fear of retribution from a leadership that is supposed to share those principles but does not; and that some of them will flip just to  keep …

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Now A Message About Asset Fortfeiture

The police testified before the legislature that 1) they never really do that civil asset forfeiture thing but 2) if the legislature took it away from them they’d lose a lot of revenue? Want to hear more?(Part one)