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If This Bill Becomes Law, You Can’t Just Bring a Puppy Home Anymore

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New Hampshire House Bill 688 is not new to our readers. Rebecca Baily warned us about it a few weeks ago. But it’s still out there. And it would create a new division of government at the cost of 3.9 Million before it ever really does anything. What will it do when it does? Regulate pets. Your pets.

Every domestic animal around, into or out of NH falls under the purview of the law and the new pet czar. There’s a state-run animal transfer database. Licensing, registration, regulation, inspection, and investigation of pet vendors, shelters, and hobby breeders.

You qualify for the microscope if you transfer more than one animal in a calendar year. That’s two. If your dog or cat has a litter, you qualify for the regulatory enema and fines or charges if you fail to comply with the law.

Get a pet from out of state. Not without permission from New Hampshire’s new pet Csar. There’s a 48 hour waiting period. Quarantine requirements. An interstate certificate of veterinary inspection and a health certificate upon transfer all reported to the Pet Csar.

Welcome “home” puppy. You get to spend your first days away from your litter at an approved state animal detention facility. 

That should be enough of a taste of the vast overreach of HB688. This bill sucks.

Read Rebecca’s piece for more details, including legisaltive contact information.