Winning: You Helped Kill New Hampshire's Wretched Unnecessary Pet-Czar Bill (HB688) - Granite Grok

Winning: You Helped Kill New Hampshire’s Wretched Unnecessary Pet-Czar Bill (HB688)

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I think congratulations are in order. In February we reported on a bill to create what I called the Pet Czar. A law granting regulatory authority to an agency that would cost millions annually to boss pet owners and hobby breeders around. A gross act of overreach. An absurd abuse of power. A law that,

“would create a new division of government at the cost of 3.9 Million before it ever really does anything. What will it do when it does? Regulate pets. Your pets.

Every domestic animal around, into or out of NH falls under the purview of the law and the new pet czar. There’s a state-run animal transfer database. Licensing, registration, regulation, inspection, and investigation of pet vendors, shelters, and hobby breeders.”

That article got nearly 16,000 shares and almost 50,000 views. People didn’t know about the bill, but when they found out, they were pissed. I even heard a story about a Democrat who disagrees with us on everything but admitted that HB 688 was a train wreck. It made them mad. And rightfully so; this thing was a monster. Just about everything wrong with the knee-jerk progressive nanny-state in one piece of legislation.

A week after we wrote the story the bill was dead. 

Give yourselves a round of applause. I’m sure you had something to do with that. But don’t go to sleep. Bad bills aways find a way to make a comeback. And we’ll need to kill it again.