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Bryant Corky Messner

Nashua GOP SteakOut – Intro Ceremonies and Corky Messner

Almost all GOP meetings start with a few words for opening remarks, an Invocation prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Normally, the national anthem is sung but not this time at the Nashua GOP Committee’s Annual SteakOut.


At least NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek “gets” it.

“Politics is downstream from Culture” –Andrew Breitbart With the backdrop of what we’ve been reporting on the Nashua School Board, and how this Progressive infested political entity is trying to railroad Nashua BoE member Doris Hohensee out of office because she is outspoken from a Conservative standpoint (and that quote from Breitbart), I just asked …

At least NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek “gets” it. Read More »