GrokEndorsement: Victoria Sullivan for Manchester (NH) Mayor! - Granite Grok

GrokEndorsement: Victoria Sullivan for Manchester (NH) Mayor!

Yes, our first endorsement in this election cycle. The writers at GraniteGrok have unanimously voted that Victoria Sullivan has earned it in her race against the current incumbent Manchester mayor, Joyce Craig.  For those of you who have just started following GraniteGrok, this is no small feat.  While we used to hand out endorsements like candy, we’ve tightened up our standards to the point that very few will be given out. In fact, there are cycles in which no endorsements are forthcoming for anyone.

To us, Victoria has shown that she can lead and lead from a Conservative outlook with an attitude of Family over Government (and all of the nuances and principles that phrase connotes).  The current mayor believes that Government comes first and foremost – we vehemently disagree.  Government was created to serve people and not the other way around; Craig has turned that principle upside down.

Already during her campaign, Victoria is putting principles into action by paying attention to the little things that matter – like the clean ups she is already doing around the city. It is clear that she realizes what the Proper Role of Government should be in Manchester – go look at her issues page. It is clear that she, along with other Manchester residents, have taken note of the lapses and omissions that the current Administration have caused. A logical question to ask is whether or not Craig, having not even finished her first term, is already looking for higher office?

Here is the ‘Grok video done at her announcement: