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What is Local Control?

Time and time again when legislation comes up we hear the “local control” argument. More often than not, it’s when the state or federal government propose legislation that infringes on freedom and limits opportunity. Sometimes, it happens when the state or federal government proposes legislation that increases liberty and freedom, and expands opportunity. In case …

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Kids Learning Reading Learn Everywhere

More Attacks on Learn Everywhere

Children learn through a variety of activities, including those outside the traditional school environment and schedule. This is no different if the student is five-years-old or fifteen.

Learn Everywhere is really Teach Everywhere

The problem with Learn Everywhere is that it’s not really about learning.  It is, instead, about earning credit towards graduation, something that has very little to do with learning. (It’s not hard to find students who have ‘credit’ in algebra, but who can’t tell you what a variable is,

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Learn Everywhere? No – you MUST learn HERE!

The Learn Everywhere program was an innovative program passed into law that allowed the Commissioner and Board of Education to create rules that allowed curriculum performed outside of the classroom to count for High School credit. Each School District, if the rules were adopted, would be ‘forced’ to accept said credits, even if performed by …

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Report Card

Commissioner of Education Edelblut: NH schools need more than the illusion of change

[Note: emphasis mine  -Skip] STAN LEE, the legendary Marvel Comics writer and publisher, used to describe the secret to keeping readers interested without killing off best-sellers as “the illusion of change.” Cities may fall and worlds may end, but in the comics, there’s always a clone, or a parallel universe, or a time-travel reboot that …

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Who is Opposed to Educational Opportunities

Children have one opportunity at an education that fits their needs. Education is not one-size-fits-all; even good public schools cannot meet the unique needs of every child. This is why we are passionate about supporting children and families to access that “right fit” educational option, whether it is local public schools, chartered public schools, private …

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Online Learning May Help the US Close Education Gap

Democrats Vote Against Education

JLCAR (Joint Legislative Committee Administrative Rules) voted 6-4 today on a final objection to the ‘Learn Everywhere Program’ that was proposed by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. Related: NH JLCAR objects to Learn Everywhere (July) The Learn Everywhere Program would expand educational opportunities for students based on the charter school model.  The State Board of Education approved the …

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Why does public education fear school choice?

Over 90% of today’s school-age children attend public schools, with the remaining going to private schools and home education programs. But, heaven forbid, a person speaks up about a bad experience with the public schools or why they chose an alternative for their children.