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Who is Opposed to Educational Opportunities

Children have one opportunity at an education that fits their needs. Education is not one-size-fits-all; even good public schools cannot meet the unique needs of every child. This is why we are passionate about supporting children and families to access that “right fit” educational option, whether it is local public schools, chartered public schools, private …

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Democrats Vote Against Education

JLCAR (Joint Legislative Committee Administrative Rules) voted 6-4 today on a final objection to the ‘Learn Everywhere Program’ that was proposed by Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. Related: NH JLCAR objects to Learn Everywhere (July) The Learn Everywhere Program would expand educational opportunities for students based on the charter school model.  The State Board of Education approved the …

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Why does public education fear school choice?

Over 90% of today’s school-age children attend public schools, with the remaining going to private schools and home education programs. But, heaven forbid, a person speaks up about a bad experience with the public schools or why they chose an alternative for their children.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

In 2017, the University of California at Berkeley put a substantial portion of its courses online for free in the form of video and audio lectures.  Remember what happened next? Many of the lectures were not closed-captioned, which prevented some people who were hearing-impaired from being able to listen to them.  The U.S. Department of …

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The public school double standard

With Learn Everywhere back in the news, discussions about the program tend to involve errors of fact (e.g., that costs for the program would be incurred by local districts) and errors of reasoning (e.g., that offering more alternatives to some students somehow means harming other students).  But to me, the discussions are most notable for …

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Pushing Families Out of Public Schools

Increasingly public schools are pushing families out of their children’s education. This will only backfire on them. In early July, the new Bedford High School principal said he wants to amend school policies to restrict parental involvement in their children’s education. He referred to their behavior as “snowplowing.” The Union Leader said the principal’s intention is to …

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Frank Edelblut

NH JLCAR objects to Learn Everywhere.

CONCORD- Following the vote of the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules to issue a preliminary objection to rules implementing the Learn Everywhere program, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut gave the following statement: “Today’s action was disappointing, but not unexpected. Unfortunately, any attempt to change the status quo in our schools is met with resistance. Giving …

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Frank Edelblut3

Parents and families are key to educational success

by Frank Edelblut – Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Education   |   ALL OF THE education research tells us that when parents and families are active participants in a student’s education, the attainment and outcomes are better.

Kids Learning Reading Learn Everywhere

Press: New Hampshire State Board of Education Approves Learn Everywhere Rules

Contact: Grant Bosse | CONCORD- Today, the State Board of Education voted 4-3 in favor of draft rules implementing the Learn Everywhere program. The innovative education initiative would allow New Hampshire public school students to earn credit toward graduation for accredited learning outside of the classroom. In 2018, the Legislative approved and Gov. Chris Sununu …

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