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So, our two NH based US Senators had the chance to vote on getting rid of earmarks; how’d they do?

Yeah, pretty much as expected: when voting on an amendment that would have banned earmarks (and hopefully, the corruption and self-serving pandering that often comes from it), we had a disparity in voting from our two US Senators.  As far as I am concerned, earmarks are nothing but giveaways to the politically connected.  Beseech a …

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Ayotte’s First Big Mistake?

Her endorsement of Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney stands to undo every scrap of goodwill she may have accumulated to this point but should we be surprised?

Ovide at American Thinker

At this critical time, we must subordinate our personal self-interest to that of the greater good, which is to restore the power of people over government, to break the stranglehold of the special interests and the entitlement class over Congress, and to devolve power from Washington back to the states and the people. The unprincipled, self-serving actions of Murkowski and Crist threaten these important goals, and they must be rejected by Republican leaders and activists everywhere.

I Beg To Differ

  An editorial in this morning’s UL attempts to suggest the voting results demonstrate a unique character to New Hampshire’s electorate but it makes some assumptions that to me seem a bit naive That’s not to say the premise is wholly wrong, just that anyone who was really paying attention to the finer details during …

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Primary Night (scratch that) “Morning After” Update

The initial indications showing Frank Guinta with the lead have continued as the evening has developed but the race tightened with Rich Ashooh closing to withing a small percentage.  In the end Guinta prevailed with Sean Mahoney–who conceded early coming in third place. The Ovide/Kelly race is so close it still has not been called. …

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Cold Water

  Kathy ‘Lawsuit’ Sullivan was bragging about the state of democrat fortunes in this morning’s Union Leader.   Then I ran across this from an August 5th survey by Rasmussen.   Fortunes indeed.

Hodes Anoints

Back in April Paul Hodes took the original tack of reminding us that Kelly Ayotte was ‘picked’ by the GOP establishment.  It’s a common theme played up by the left so Hodes was just being a good democrat an repeating what he’d been told. I don’t know what Ms. Ayotte, who was essentially picked by …

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The Hodes campaign has made its priorities clear.  I’m referring to the attack ads on Republican primary candidate Kelly Ayotte, whom they have for whatever reason anointed as the primary winner.   What does this tell us about Paul Hodes?  Nothing we did not already know. He intends to distort the facts in pursuit of …

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Ayotte’s New Fan Page On Facebook

There’s a new facebook page up with the unoriginal goal of making Kelly Ayotte look goofy.  It’s called Kelly Ayatch.  The page features a rather unflattering picture of Kelly Ayotte with an angry look.  And Kelly’s favorite television show…Rachel Maddow.  And this may come as a surprise but several of the four Kelly Ayatch friends, like Barack Obama.  The page’s first friend …

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J.U. Hey!

The JUA money grab is back in the news.  A group is blasting Kelly Ayotte and John Lynch for trying to balance the budget with 110 million from a fund created by the state but filled with money from the pockets of doctors who were forced by law to contribute to it.  The thinking goes …

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