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Karen Testerman

Gilford Republican Ballot 2020-09-08 FI

My choices for tomorrow?

We get a ton of requests “Who should I vote for”; not just for GraniteGrok but pretty much all of the Groksters. We can’t answer all questions and we give out very few recommendations (this cycle, only two: Steve Negron (NH CD-2) and Karen Testerman (NH Governor). My choices, if it matters? None of these …

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LibertyBallot.com No Longer Promotes Liberty

When incumbent Governor Sununu went off the rails in March and suspended our Constitution and Bill of Rights, many liberty folks became seriously concerned. Sununu used unconstitutional powers “granted” him by the legislature in RSA 4:45 to destroy our economy.

Karen Testerman For Governor

Personal Endorsement: Karen Testerman for Governor

Chalk me up as supporting Karen Testerman for Governor. Seems like I have known her forever. Lots of people run for office. I meet them every election cycle. Some are for real many just show up out of nowhere and ask for your support.