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Stasi: The East German Secret Police. An Account

Hubertus Knabe was one of the East German citizens surveilled by the Stasi. Hubertus Knabe has called for a more outspoken anti-communism in German society, and has particularly called upon the SPD party to identify with its anti-communist tradition as part of its democratic legacy. He has pointed out that social democrats were the first …

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Biden looking down a tube or pipe

Joe “Job Killer” Biden Rides Again!

On Day One, president asterisk took a tire iron to New Mexico’s economy and that of some Utah Indians as well. They’re not happy. But the damage is a lot worse than that. His promised changes could easily cost Americans 6 million jobs, and he’s just getting started.

Biden Plan Simplified

Biden’s Dialectic Unity

Every regime has two basic rhetorical responsibilities to its loyal subjects. It must define what it is for, and it must define what it is against. This sets the tone and marching order for the bureaucracy and the security establishment.