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Notable Quote – May I Serve You?

Capitalism cannot just be summed up as voluntary acts of transaction in which both sides believe they have received the greater value.

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Notable Quote – This Is Why Decentralization of Society is so Important

The “Great Mind Fallacy,” or GMF … has two aspects. Its first is to believe that there is some person or group of people who possess enough information, and is endowed with sufficiently superior character, that we can safely entrust with the authority of crafting policy for citizens. Its second aspect is to endorse public …

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Voluntary Cooperation

Notable Quote – Cooperation

What has changed over humanity’s recent history is not biology, psychology, physiology, ecology, or geography. What has changed, instead, is their attitudes. As economic historian Deirdre McCloskey has demonstrated in her magisterial three-volume investigation under the general title The Bourgeois Era, the most salient factor distinguishing the post-1800 era from everything that went before is the attitudes people held …

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American, National or Global Positions

Are You Listening, Governor Chris Sununu?

So few governors with access to such Kingly Pandemic Powers refused to use them. Those few who showed restraint are to be congratulated but Chris Sununu is not among them.