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Dirty Dan Feltes

Dan Feltes is Trapped in a Political Box Canyon of His Own Making

Remember back when Ted Cruz was persona non grata among his fellow Republican Senators because he had convinced House Republicans to defund Obamacare, which led to a government shutdown … how his critics kept saying that Cruz had led Republicans into a political “box canyon”? Well … I don’t know if that really was so …

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dividing the country

Don’t blame Trump for dividing our country.

  As the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden is talking a lot these days about unifying the country.  During his acceptance speech, he mentioned the word “unite” at least eight times.  He said, “United we can, and will, overcome this season of darkness.”

Karen Testerman For Governor

Personal Endorsement: Karen Testerman for Governor

Chalk me up as supporting Karen Testerman for Governor. Seems like I have known her forever. Lots of people run for office. I meet them every election cycle. Some are for real many just show up out of nowhere and ask for your support.

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and Freedom

Liberty and freedom are rare in human history. Human instinct is not to yearn for liberty. Rather, humans yearn to be taken care of.