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Stop Giving Money to Dartmouth (‘cuz Climate Fraud)

Dartmouth did some excellent research on carbon sequestration by forests in New Hampshire. Trees sequester carbon into themselves and into the soil. Good work. But they then ruined it by making it about manmade co2 and climate change.

No Excuse Absentee Ballots = Increased Voter Fraud

Governor Sununu was serving the best interests of New Hampshire by vetoing the “no-excuse” absentee ballot law passed by the General Court on a mostly partisan (Democrat) basis. Absentee ballot fraud is endemic in our country, but never more so than in states with no-excuse absentee ballot laws. As a former resident of Florida for …

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Celebrating 30 Years of Being Completely Wrong

The Global Climate Cult is desperate. We’ve failed to do enough to abet our prophesied doom. Some “experts” suggest we’ve got little more than a decade. The same sort that, in 1989 said, “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels” by 2000. Name one?