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Granite Crock: ‘Don’t confuse us with the facts!’

Long ago, a Congressman from my home state gained notoriety when he said, while defending Richard Nixon, ‘Don’t confuse me with the facts.’  I was reminded of this upon reading an article that Steve forwarded to me from the Granite Crock site, which was written to ‘debunk’ something I’d written.

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The Magic of Per-Student Cost

Are your state representatives smarter than fifth-graders? Here’s a word problem that even a fifth-grader should be able to solve: A boat ferries passengers across a lake.  Ten people want to ride it together.  The captain says:  It costs me $100 to run the boat, so you’ll have to pay an average of $10 each. …

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Education Freedom Accounts: A Bright Future for NH Children

New Hampshire families want their children to thrive. That means flexibility and meaningful educational choice for families seeking an appropriate and stable educational environment to meet a child’s needs. Supporting that policy has always been part of Cornerstone’s mission.