As our Society turns from being one of Life to one of Death, who should be surprised at this?

unborn baby in womb

Post-birth abortion. Abortion right up to the moment of birth.  Both show the utter disdain of the unborn by the Left and the utter lengths they will go to in “Othering” new lives and refusing to look at babies, now both born and unborn, as sub-human.  After all, if they aren’t human, then there’s no wrong, right? The sad fact, though, is that these same folks cry out for far more penalties for animal abuse than killing children – and we end up with headlines like this (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Man Accused of Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend Has Charges Related to Killing the Fetus Dropped — Thanks to NY’s New Abortion Law

A man charged with murdering his pregnant girlfriend has had the charges related to killing her unborn baby dropped — thanks to New York’s new abortion laws. Anthony Hobson, 48, was arrested on Friday for Sunday’s grisly murder of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35, who was five months pregnant. He is accused of brutally stabbing her to death — and deliberately killing her unborn baby.

Initially, Hobson was charged with murder and second-degree abortion by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. However, the abortion charge has now been rescinded, thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new Reproductive Health Act.

…The RHA legalized late term abortions beyond 24 weeks to protect the health of the mother and removed abortion from the criminal code. The Post notes that the New York State Catholic Conference had warned that the new law “removes accountability for those who would harm unborn children outside the context of medical termination of pregnancy.” It is sad that they were proven correct so quickly.

Life is the first of the Rights that are to be protected by Government and if you know our actual history and philosophy, that was to be the highest priority and mission of our Republic (as opposed to what it does seem to be – simply taking wealth from some to give to others simply because Government can do that via the tyranny of the vote and pen).  Instead, with the crazed Democrat push for abortion for anyone at anytime and anywhere, life now means little. Indeed, very little.  No longer does self-responsibility pertain to making a decision and participating in an act that can result in that new life.  No, Progressive Socialists will not allow ANYONE to be “oppressed” by a baby if it is considered to be a “bad consequence” for the mother (but woe to the guy – there is no such consideration because MALE!!!!).  So life is of not much account at the beginning and now their train is coming at us from the other side waving the euthanasia flag.

And we get such results that a deliberate murderer gets away with killing a baby and legally nothing can be done.

How Society has turned itself upside down in the relatively short travel from being “Life is Precious” to “I’m more important than my actions”. One is unselfish and giving – the other is total selfishness and rejection of accepting responsibilities one has incurred.

As I type this, I’m listening to Tucker Carlson talking about the absolute clown circus going on and around the Virginia Gov Northam, his Lt. Gov, and now the AG there.  What caught my eye was the chyron that was being shown:

Pro-choice politicians: Abortion is liberation

No, not for the baby it isn’t.  No, not living up to one’s self-responsibility it isn’t. And when “liberation” is just another euphemism “I more important than you or any moral code”, you know that the slippery slope to the final end is good and wet. Tucker also pointed out this from Northam’s address

We believe that reproductive freedom leads to economic freedom for women.

Such a deal – that an innocent baby should be looked at as bad economics and only from an economic standpoint – yay, you pediatric neurologist gloating in the eugenics morbidity of Margaret Sanger (whose main purpose for abortion was to rid society of blacks).  Yet these same Progressives will fight incessantly for the “Fight for $15”?

So, women should only be considered from a GDP standpoint?

So when the purpose and value of Motherhood is devalued, shouldn’t we also considered that Society has also been devalued?

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)