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Bail Outs

The TEA Party is for America not for a Political Party

The TEA Party demands that politicians ignore both leftist and rightist special interests and start addressing our country’s problems. The TEA Party opposes politicians of any party who continue the disastrous policies of the last 50 years. It will support politicians of any party who are dedicated to returning to the policies that made our country the greatest in human history: personal responsibility, small Constitutionally authorized and fiscally responsible government, the rule of law equally applied to rich and poor regardless of political influence, and opportunity for all to work for their dreams.

Fun With Jan And Carol

Democrats like to make up rules for Republicans which I then do my best to apply to democrats.  In this example we have a donor to Carol Shea Porter who has been up to some questionable behavior.  If Carol doe snot denounce it she is complicit in it.  So pay attention. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill)–remember Jan, …

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Carol on…Financial Reform

Carol thinks she’s done you a great service by supporting the Wall street Reform legislation.  She’s clearly not read it.  Here’s what she want’s you to think. • Create a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that will ensure that bank loans, mortgages, and credit cards are fair, affordable, understandable, and transparent;   • End abusive …

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New Hampshire Needs To Go Into Rehab

“…state governments learn to rely to much on federal handouts as well. New Hampshire democrats just “balanced” the state budget with more debt and millions in federal money that’s not even there. So now they’ll have to get someone to put it back or their budget will not be “in balance,” like some crack whore begging for another hit.”

Carol’s Dim Bulb

In a rather expensive looking effort to reassure that she is in fact on the job defending us from top-heavy, ill-mannered, near-do well’s we are presented with the following from the most recent Carol Shea Porter mailer. “The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enables the government to identify large interconnected companies engaged in …

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