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Seiu-Porter Votes To Screw You Over

Beware The Tax TrapSeiu-Porter voted for the so-called "education jobs bill" without ever having possibly read it, and thanks to here illiteracy she has just to screwed New Hampshire’s Budget.

“I am proud to have just voted for the Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act. This legislation will prevent thousands of New Hampshire kids from losing their teachers. The bill is fully paid for and will cut the deficit by $1.4 billion over ten years.”

That’s what Carol is saying—I think this comes from Facebook—but it’s both a lie, and a tax trap.

The money she claims she cut was money that never existed in the first place.  It was spent on an imagined need that they just unimagined and passed along to you as pay-go. It’s all a trick.

But the bigger problem is this.  If New Hampshire accepts any money from this bill for education, even one thin dime, New Hampshire is prohibited from reducing it’s education budget next year.

That means that money we don’t have today, that we are being given by the feds this year, will have to appear from somewhere next year even if the feds don’t offer us anymore.

If Lynch accepts any of this money he has established the base education budget for next year whether we can afford it or not, and what are the odds on Not!