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Grokster Tom Murray From DC Rally [Updated]

DC Rally for Trump - Stock image (not the 1-6 rally)

Windham Grok contributor Tom Murray is in DC for the Jan 6th Rally, and he recently went live on Facebook. We grabbed the embed to share with our readers.

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It’s a short update, but we expect more of them. I will add or update this post as they become available.

In this clip, he’s heading toward the growing crowd and offers his commentary—some adult language.


(original post time and date 1-6-2021  10:58 AM ET)


Tom has been having issues finding the bandwidth to share more videos but we finally got some.  Two more, short, but you can hear the president, and get a sense of the crowd size.  Note to Facebook, these are images captured from today’s rally.

[Update 2]  Update one occurred well before the unrest at the Capitol Building. For video on that bit of nonsense, you need to go here. We have additional commentary and news on that in posts you can access from the home page, here.






Featured Image is a stock photo from a previous DC TrumpRally and not the 1-6-21 event. I will swap them out if and when I get a pic from today.