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BOOM! NINE MORE STATES Join Texas Lawsuit Against PA, MI, WI and GA For Unlawful General Election!

US Supreme Court Building

Earlier today, I posted an article regarding the lawsuit Texas filed on Monday evening against PA, GA, MI and WI for their unconstitutional election processes. At the time of the posting, 8 states had joined the lawsuit; Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and South Dakota.

As of now, NINE MORE STATES have joined the lawsuit (which can be viewed here); Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia.

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The President’s legal team has over 1,200 sworn affidavits reflecting the massive election corruption in the contested states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona.  The witnesses who signed those affidavits under oath, have literally put their lives, livelihoods and families at risk to come forward and expose the massive corruption that should be prosecuted as treason.  Per Sidney Powell, one of the witnesses was attacked and is in intensive care.

There have been MANY stories documenting what has been uncovered. To my surprise, many Americans are not aware at all about what took place because the main stream media and big tech have censored the story – much like they did with Hunter Biden’s laptop showing proof of his relationship with the Chinese Government before the General Election.

The mainstream media has ignored censored the troubling stories of election fraud brought forth by eye witnesses and instead quietly promoted Joe Biden as the president-elect, even though there are still lawsuits and outstanding disturbing questions regarding the certification of several swing states.  In an effort to silence patriot witnesses who want to expose the truth, YouTube announced today that they will take down videos alleging fraud and disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election results.

Here’s a video (posted on Rumble) of ballots that were pulled out of suitcases from under the table and counted THREE TIMES in Georgia AFTER Poll Watchers were told to go home!

I’ve posted many other stories that expose small fractions of the massive fraud that took place across many of the swing states.  Here are a few links below:

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COMPROMISED! – “Dominion Software Was Accessed by Agents Acting on Behalf of CHINA and IRAN”

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Powell’s KRAKEN Released In Georgia AND Michigan!

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If you feel like I do, that New Hampshire – the “Live Free or Die” State – should be included with those states seeking to protect our Republic against all enemies – foreign and domestic… then please call the AGs office and demand New Hampshire join the Texas lawsuit! The receptionist is making a list of people to give to the AG who want NH to join the Texas case at the Supreme Court.

Here is the number to call – it will only take a few seconds!

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