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NY Mayor de Blasio and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro

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Mayor de Blasio told Brazil’s President if he isn’t vaccinated for COVID to stay home rather than come to the U.N. meeting with the other world leaders.  The President of Brazil has already had COVID and now has a natural immunity which according to the “science” outlasts and is better than the man-made vaccines.

Needless to say the President of Brazil came to NY and attended the meeting but was not allowed into a pizza restaurant to eat so he and the other Delegates ate outside on the sidewalk.  Welcome to the new Amerika.

The President of Brazil’s son told Tucker Carlson that de Blasio is obviously a Marxist and he then went on to warn the American people that Argentina never thought they would fall into tyranny yet they did as we are presently headed.

Americans need to face up to the fact that our liberties have been taken from us and the Constitution has and is being ignored by those in power both in DC and in many State Governments.

The fix will only happen when the people stand up and demand that our governments, both State and Federal, abide by the federal Constitution and our state Constitutions.

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It has been said that in our U.S. Constitution in Article 4 Section 4 that President Biden and his administration, as well as the Democrats in Congress and some State Governors and Mayors, are ignoring this Article.  This is indeed true and this is voiding their right to hold office as they have broken their oath to the Constitution.

It should be added that Article 4 Section 4 guarantees every state a Republican Form of government and shall protect each of them against “invasion” but the next step in this is Article 1 Section 10 Paragraph 4 where the States are provided a means to defend their states against invasion if the federal government fails or refuses to do so.  It would be wise for all to read Article 1 Section 10 Paragraph 4.

This is where we are at as a Nation and we need look no further than what is happening in Texas in Del Rios with tens of thousands of Haitians and others from other nations invading our country.  The majority of these invaders are being moved around our Nation by our Government under President Biden’s orders.

These illegal’s are not checked for COVID which is so important to the little dictators that continue with their threats to the point of telling the President of Brazil to stay out of NYC because he hasn’t taken the vaccine.  The White House press secretary stated this week that those coming in from Mexico are checked for COVID.  Really, with 100 border agents on-site, they checked 14,000 illegals?  Who on earth believes the continual stream of lies coming out of the White House and Congress?

If you do then you are who Jesus spoke of when He said “they love the lie and are given over to strong delusion”.

It is past time for America to wake up and stand up for our Nation and our Constitutions (both State and Federal).  We will lose our way of life as we are seeing by being denied to marry, bury our dead, go to work, eat in a restaurant and even be confident in the honesty of our elections.

Citizens are fined outrageous fines as I believe in NYC it is a $14,000 per person fine to a restaurant owner who allows an unvaccinated customer in and eat.  It has been reported in the Mexican media that there are another 30,000 Haitians on their way to our border currently on top of those already here.

This while this White House abandons our allies in Afghanistan leaving them to be slaughtered by the Taliban.  Shame on us.

Semper Fi