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Biden’s Aspirin Factory

Clinton Aspirin Factory

When then-President Clinton got himself into political trouble and the (Propagandist) Media had no choice but to cover his sexual exploits he decided he needed a distraction.  Immediate military action was his decision so he struck the enemy in Somalia.  The problem being his supposed enemy ended up being an aspirin factory he bombed.

Now comes Joe Biden with one failure following another and 13 of our service personnel being blown up while a failed evacuation from Kabul was happening.  Biden’s answer is his “over the horizon” drone strikes. Unfortunately for an innocent family of 8 in the car, our military targeted, getting water for their family cost them their lives.

It was reported after the strike that President Biden was bragging about that even “secondary” explosions occurred.  Those must have been water balloons as there were no explosives in that family’s car except the missile we launched into it to give Biden cover for another political and military failure during his watch.

Poor Joe today the FDA came out against blanket booster shots for all Citizens for which President Joe was pushing.  He must have forgot to “follow the science” instead he decided to “lead the science” and yet again he was wrong.

Confusing as it is about General Milley calling his Communist China counterpart telling him if then President Trump decided to call an attack on China he would warn the Communist General.

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Now Biden has struck a deal with Australia to sell them nuclear subs to help defend them from China and France, who thought they had the sale of the subs with Australia locked down, is now mad at us.  France has recalled their Ambassador from America in protest.  No wonder during the last two world wars France lost and was saved by America from Germany with their politics.

I suppose that this action without advising France of the deal Biden was using his well-acclaimed experience and making America respected again in the world.

Just like the respect we now have received for our retreat from Afghanistan.  It shouldn’t be long before China blockades Taiwan and forces them back into the Chinese Communist mainland’s control.  They know that Biden won’t stand up to them and besides the Biden family has been paid good money by Communist China to do their bidding.

Semper Fi