New Hampshire Is Not Being Represented in Washington, D.C. But That Is about to Change. - Granite Grok

New Hampshire Is Not Being Represented in Washington, D.C. But That Is about to Change.

Gen. Don Bolduc HCRC Machine Gun Shoot

America is in perilous times with weak and incompetent leadership at its helm. Our southern border is in chaos. The economy is tanking. A vile and racist Critical Race Theory is being perpetrated throughout our culture, in our schools, government, churches, and military.

We are at a crossroads. What to do?

The best answer is to elect strong leaders to bring us back to normality and sanity.

New Hampshire is not being represented in Washington, D.C. with strong leadership. But that is about to change.

Running in opposition to Senator Hassan is retired General Don Bolduc. He is the epitome of strong leadership that is both lacking and desperately needed. A New Hampshire native, his leadership is extensive. He grew up on a family farm where he learned the value of a strong work ethic. Don also served with the Laconia Police Department and then went on to join the U.S. Army, rising from private to Brigadier General when he retired.

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Like a strong sword, Don’s mettle was forged in fire. The fire was combat as he served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan. His courage is unquestioned as he earned two awards for Valor, 5 Bronze Stars, and 2 Purple Hearts.

But it is his character that has now risen to the forefront. Don Bolduc is an experienced leader and conservative Republican who will use his solid principles and values to help America regain its lost footing. A no-nonsense leader who leads from the front, Don has proven his ability to grasp difficult situations and lead to victory.

New Hampshire has not had strong leadership in the Senate in many years. Now is the time to send a message to the weak and self-centered politicians in Washington that a strong, principled, and courageous leader is coming to help put America back on its proper track.

I urge all New Hampshire residents to vote for Don Bolduc to bring back our solid American values to a wavering country.

Conservative American values or socialism. The choice is clear and ours.


Laurence F. Messner, Lt Col, USAF (Retired)
Hampton, NH 03842