Misogynist Anti-Science Trans Activist Featured by Derry High School Theater - Granite Grok

Misogynist Anti-Science Trans Activist Featured by Derry High School Theater

Alok Vaid-Menon at Stockbridge Theatre

Pinkerton Academy’s Stockbridge Theatre is pushing a radical sex agenda by hosting an online performance by Alok Vaid-Menon, a self-described “advocate and educator” who has called little girls “kinky,” denies the science of biological sex, and accuses the women who disagree with him of “white supremacy.”

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Little girls are “kinky,”  Vaid-Menon Tweeted in 2016.

These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls. The supposed ‘purity’ of the victims has remained stagnant. There are no princesses. Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think.

He denies that males and females exist as biological categories. Vaid-Menon wrote in a blog article, “Cisness is Political, not Biological: JK Rowling and Conditional Womanhood”:

There is no biological basis in the sex binary. There is no biological basis in defining gender and sex by genitalia.

Vaid-Menon teaches that male and female are social constructions, not biological realities:

We are ‘biological males,’ not because we are, but because they say that’s what we are.

White people invented male and female to show their superiority over people of color, he claims:

The sex binary was seen as a civilizational achievement of white people.

In order to maintain the guise that white people are more human than BIPOC, white men tasked white women with maintaining the boundaries of sex difference (having to look as different from them as possible to create the illusion of the binary).

Genitals became conflated with sexed identity. The vagina was politicized as a link between the individual body and the white race. The purpose of sexuality became less about pleasure and more about population. Womanhood became defined by the vagina because it was white women’s job to reproduce the race.

He goes as far as to claim biological sex is “a framework that was specifically created by white male scientists in the 19th century to naturalize sexism.”

During the Q and A, it would be enlightening to learn whether the “illusion of the binary” applies to other animals beside humans. Are there cattle on the spectrum between cows and bulls? Chickens on the spectrum between hens and roosters?

Alok says his political advocacy “is about recalibrating society’s ideas of gender as well as “biological sex.” But what defines a woman as a woman other than her body,  her “biological sex?” I defy the faculty of Pinkerton Academy and the Trustees of the Stockbridge Theatre to provide me with another definition that doesn’t depend on circular reasoning or gender stereotypes.

Women like JK Rowling who think females deserve their own private spaces and sports are white supremacists, claims Vaid-Menon. Vaid-Menon blogged:

Policing and fortifying gender/sex boundaries has always been a tactic of white supremacy.

With her remarks, Rowling is continuing a centuries long project of white supremacy. Her notions of sex/gender descend from patriarchal, racist eugenics. Ironically, she accuses us of masquerading as something we are not, but what she and so many like her, are actually doing is masquerading racism as feminism.

Derry residents who believe it’s wrong to use school and community resources to promote Alok Vaid-Menon’s hatred, pedophilia, and misogyny are circulating a petition asking Dr. William A. Nevious, president of the Pinkerton Academy Board of Trustees, and Pinkerton Academy Headmaster Tim Powers to cancel the April 16 online Stockbridge Theatre event.

Read the petition at change.org/p/derry-residents-cancel-alok-vaid-menon-s-virtual-performance-at-stockbridge-theater.