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Data Point – Polling is Going Against Transgenders Competing Against Bio-Girls

Connecticut Transgender women track athletes

Even Democrats BARELY support the idea that biological boys, suffering from gender dysphoria, should be able to compete in sports against biological girls. Even after the onslaught of trying to redefine sex as “made up gender” (instead of the tradition definition that one is just a synonym for the other), only those on the Left seem to be falling for this linguistic ju-jitsu:

Overall, 53% of registered voters support banning transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports, versus a third who oppose such a ban. The breakdown from there (read the full crosstabs):

— Men: 59% support a ban, 29% oppose
— Women: 46% support a ban, 34% oppose
— Republicans: 74% support a ban, 15% oppose
— Dems: 40% support a ban, 42% oppose
— Independents: 49% support a ban, 33% oppose
— Gen Z: 43% support a ban, 44% oppose
— Millennials: 56% support a ban, 28% oppose
— Baby boomers: 50% support a ban, 32% oppose

“This is the wedge issue that will bring suburban women back to the polls and increase their support for Republicans, and Republicans would be foolish not to lean into it,” said Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, a socially conservative group that has been privately urging Republicans to take on the subject since last year.

“I hear from mothers all the time who are getting up at the crack of dawn to take their daughters to swim practice or attending all-weekend track meets, and they do not want biological men competing on their daughters’ teams. They know that it would be detrimental to their daughters’ abilities to achieve scholarships and recognition,” Nance added.

This is, badly enough, part of the Left’s trying to yank Society’s Overton Window to their side – change the Culture, change the Politics.

The question will be is how willing is the GOP to grab that Window and yank back to traditional values – and protect minor-aged girls?

There is also this:

And if you dig into the crosstabs of Morning Consult’s poll, you’ll find that there *is* some evidence in the data that parents are more interested in this subject. The age group that’s most eager to ban trans athletes from women’s sports is the 35-44 crowd, where 55 percent at least somewhat support doing so. Normally in polls touching on matters of sex and sexuality you’d expect older demographics to be more ardently opposed, but fortysomethings are the people who are most likely to have teenaged daughters competing at school. Go figure that their views on letting trans athletes into those competitions are stronger.

(H/T: Hot Air)